Monday, July 18, 2011

Christianity is bullshit

John Lennon (may he rest in wonderful peace) said that ”God is a concept by which we measure our pain”.  And I have to agree, having been raised a protestant christian most of my immature life.  The main problem is that christians claim to offer relief from human suffering through the simple act of belief.  Believe that your sins are forgiven, trust in the Lord, give all things to Him, etc., and you shall be saved.  Well, I believed, I really did.  I turned every thing over to him, accepted him into my heart, believed all things in him.

And I was completely, thoroughly miserable.

Belief in a higher power doesn't relieve suffering.  In fact, belief is itself a form of attachment or desire.  And we know that desire is the cause of suffering.  Turning all things over to someone else, higher power or not, doesn't relieve anxiety,it in fact creates it.  And I think the higher ups know this and perpetuate it because unhealthy, sick people need churches and religion.  If a priest truly gave his followers true, working advice on how to end suffering once and for all, he'd be in danger of not having butts in the pews.  I wonder if that's why Buddhist priests are so poor and have to literally beg to make a living.

In all my searching and questions Christianity never offered me any help or remedy for my suffering.  I wasn't worried about my immortal soul or what will happen when I die.  I really didnt give a shit.  I wanted to stop hurting so much.  Belief just transfers the locus of control even further from where it should be.  And the very christian so called ”brothers and sisters” who were supposed to help me were themselves suffering just as much (or more) than me and weren't feeling any relief from the sugar pills they were pounding down.

I'm not even saying that Christianity is a conspiracy to keep people sick, but my experience is that the average church congregation is full of chronically ill patients and the doctors are handing out aspirin and saltpeter, if you're lucky; mostly they're selling grape juice and matzo.

Once you start to realise the real cause of suffering and work to remove it, you'll see how sick and infected the whole setup is and hopefully you won't patronise those cuckoo nests.

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