Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conversations with the homeless #132

#1 Playing guitar that is hopelessly out of tune: ” Hey you got a dollar?” Me: ”No sorry” (true) ”That's ok some people ha ha ha ha you know it's all good.” Hands me a dollar (!!) from his dirty pocket. ”That's a tip you know what a tip is? You speak English?” I nod, take the dollar. ”That's what we call a tip in English. I thought you might ha ha ” Keeps playing. #2 Same person, different day about a week later playing same guitar, nods in recognition to me. ”Ha ha some peoples got troubles ha ha you can't complain because ha ha #3 Scruffy young guy with bushy beard and mustache: ”I'm a full grown man,not a boy white boy.” I ignore him, I'm not even sure it's directed at me. He catches my eye and says, ”You've never had to feel fear eh?” I smile brightly, cheerfully and ask, ”Why?” He frowns, says, ”Have a nice day sir.” I smile cheerfully as possible, ”Thanks!”

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