Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Reviews Pour in for Potus!

“This book is a staggering work of satiric genius created by one of the preeminent American authors of the modern era.  It is a truly wonderful work that shall last into the ages.  The author is as humble about this fact as I am emphatic about its wonder.  Too bad he’s an alcoholic.  But aren’t we all?”
–Mark Twain, Author

“I have often not asked myself what my country could do for me, but rather what I could do for my country.  Many in our great country would not have the courage to ask themselves this question, but I’m sure Potus would.  He is a man of true backbone and integrity.  He should be proud to say, ‘Ich war ein POTUS.”
–John F. Kennedy, former President of the US
“This book made me chortle out loud with a long evil laugh.  Not because I am evil; no, because it is funny and true.”
–Joseph Stalin, Dictator

“There is no Nixon reflecting pool at Camp David.  I should know.  I’m a vampire.  I don’t have a reflection.”
–Richard Nixon, Vampire

“If Mr. Gorbachev wanted to rebuild this wall he could do so with a million copies of this book.  It is that good.”
–Ronald Reagan, Forgot

“Wonderfully…  brilliantly…  engage…exhilarating…”
–New York Times movie review [1]

[1] http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/283387/Spider-Man-2/overview (retrieved 2013-19-03)

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